Vocational Education


1.Ph.D. Continuing Education (Inter Disciplinary)

Diploma / vocational Diploma

1.Advanced Vocational Diploma General Duty Assistant
2.Vocational Diploma in Acupressure Therapist
3.Vocational Diploma in Agricultural Marketing and Management
4.Vocational Diploma in Animation
5.Vocational Diploma in Automotive Service Technician
6.Vocational Diploma in Beautician
7.Vocational Diploma in Beauty Therapist
8.Vocational Diploma in Computer Applications
9.Vocational Diploma in Computer Hardware Servicing
10.Vocational Diploma in DTP Operator
11.Vocational Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (Kindergarten)
12.Vocational Diploma in Fashion Boutique Designer
13.Vocational Diploma in Fashion Design and Garments Making
14.Vocational Diploma in Fire Safety
15.Vocational Diploma in Four Wheeler Mechanism
16.Vocational Diploma in House Electrician
17.Vocational Diploma in InDesign
18.Vocational Diploma in Industrial Fitter
19.Vocational Diploma in Industrial Hygiene
20.Vocational Diploma in Kitchen And Terrace Garden Management
21.Vocational Diploma in General Duty Assistan
22.Vocational Diploma in Mechanic (Electrical / Electronics / Instrumentation)
23.Vocational Diploma in Multi-Cuisine Cook
24.Vocational Diploma in Multimedia Systems
25.Vocational Diploma in Office Automation
26.Vocational Diploma in Organic Farming
27.Vocational Diploma in Plumbing
28.Vocational Diploma in Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Technician
29.Vocational Diploma in Smart Phones Repair Technician
30.Vocational Diploma in TV Repair Technician
31.Vocational Diploma in Welding Technology
32.Diploma in Yoga For Youth Empowerment

Certificate / Awareness

1.Certificate in Yoga for Youth Empowerment
2.Short Term Course in Basic Computer Operations
3.Short Term Course in Office Automation
4.Short Term Course in Road Safety and First Aid