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From the Desk of the Vice Chancellor

Greetings! I have the privilege to solicit you kind attention to take cognizance of the giant strides endeavoured by the TNOU since inception in 2003. It has consistently shouldered the propitious task of providing much needed equitable opportunity to all the sections of society. TNOU inches one step closer to those who need education who are left behind the race before the approach of finish line by the trials and tribulations they faced in life. TNOU has on offer 43 UG and 38 PG programmes, 60 Diploma and 21 Certificate level programmes besides 11 non-credit and 4 preparatory programmes. It offers 19 M.Phil. and 21 Ph.D. programmes in both full time and part time modes. The resources prepared by scholars in various disciplines are disseminated both in print and e-formats for their study at ease. Self-instructional materials are highly illustrative with examples and are supported by counseling sessions in the portals of higher education.

TNOU practices education for anyone, anytime, anywhere adopting an inclusive approach. There are eight Regional Centres of TNOU established in Chennai, Madurai, Trichirappalli, Coimbatore, the Nilgiris, Villupuram, Tirunelveli and Dharmapuri ensuring a smooth transition of our innovative initiatives to reach the learners doorstep through constant curriculum development, setting in motion a digital library initiative and providing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Currently, TNOU is the only University to reach out entire State of Tamil Nadu to cater to the enormous and growing aspirations in higher education through ODL mode.

The next step in our journey is to offer many more tailor-made programmes specifically for the breed winners of the largely rural and disadvantaged and the differently abled. These programmes would be skill based and will come with sufficient built in provision for hands-on training. The ever rising demands on all fronts are effectively and perceptively tackled with well laid out strategies. In TNOU there is lot of time devoted to the overall planning, development and delivery that will enable the primary stakeholders to access our services without much running around. The courses are chiseled with an eye for targeted employability in niche areas that are in high demand.

TNOU invites innovative ideas that might liberate the society from out-of-school youth, poverty and deprivation. The mission can be augmented by your intellectual beneficence together in our march towards development defined by informed decision making that will strengthen the building of an egalitarian society.

Best wishes,

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