Objectives and Function of TNOU-CIQA

Objectives and Function of TNOU-CIQA

1. To maintain quality in the services provided to the learners.

2. To ensure continuous improvement in the entire operations of the Higher Educational Institution.

3. To identify the key areas in which the Higher Educational Institution should maintain quality.

4. To disseminate information on quality assurance.

5. To devise mechanisms for interaction and obtaining feedback from various Departments or Cells or Centres or Schools in Tamil Nadu Open University.

6. To suggest to the Authorities of Tamil Nadu Open University, measures for qualitative improvement.

7. To ensure the implementation of its recommendations through regular monitoring.

8. To ensure participation of all stakeholders namely, learners, teachers, staff, parents, society, employers, and Government in quality improvement processes.

9. To prepare Programme Project Report and ensure another launch of programme(s).

10. Collection, collation and dissemination of accurate, complete and reliable statistics about the quality of the programme(s)