About Us

Brief History / Overview

The School of Social Sciences Studies was created along with other schools from the inception of Tamil Nadu Open University in the year 2003 itself. At the outset the School offered SIX PG programmes and FOUR UG programmes. In 2009 – the school was bifurcated and a new school namely, School of Politics and Public Administration (SOPPA) was created. Subsequently, in 2010 from the school another new school was carved out namely, School of History & Travel studies (SOHTS). Now the school offers totally 15 programmes of which 9 PG programmes ( Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Economics, Counselling & Psychotherapy, Anthropology, Women Studies and Islamic Studies) 5 UG Programmes ( Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Economics and Islamic Studies) and 1 PG Diploma (Psychological Counseling)


School of Social Sciences, offers various programmes in diverse disciplines to prepare students to identify, understand, and work to solve the social, Psychological, Economical and Gender based challenges that pose threat to harmony and development of our nation.


  • To produce and disseminate knowledge and skills through lifelong learning process.
  • To promote critical thinking, ethics and values required for social and economic progress at Micro, mezzo and macro level.
  • To promote social responsibility and commitment towards sustainable development.


  • To inculcate importance of understanding the norms of social life and develop required skills and knowledge for their career development as well as to be responsible citizens.
  • To improve the efficacy of learners for managing and developing resources for meeting community needs and interests.
  • To prepare the learners for psychological, social and economic stability.

Departments and programmes offered