Whom to Contact

Whom You Can Contact
S.No Issues Related Officer & Division / Section Contact No. E-mail ID
1 Reginal Centers (RCs)/ Co-ordinating of (LSCs) / Students general enquires, Pre-Admission Inquiry of various Programmes, Induction Programmes / Contact Classes, Assignment Questions / Submission of Assignment and etc. Director (i/c) Student Support Service Division 044 -24306627/22 tnousssd2019@gmail.com
2 Admission, Re-Registration, Identity card / Duplicate ID, Fee Receipt, Bonafide / Migration / PSTM / Course Completion Certificate, Change of Name / Programme/ Medium / Language / Specialization / Address / Contact Number etc. Director (i/c) Admission Section 044 – 24306663/64 directoradmissiontnou@gmail.com
Director (i/c) Admission Section directoradmissiontnou@gmail.com
3 Time Table, Issue of Hall Ticket / Non-receipt of hall tickets for Term End Examination & Entrance Exam, Certificate of Last Date of Examination. Declaration of Results, Instant Examination, Re-Valuation and etc., Controller of Examinations Exam Section 044 -24306661/62 controllersection@gmail.com
Assistant Controller of Examinations Exam Section examtnou6@gmail.com
4 Verification of Genuineness / Transcript, Statement of Marks / Consolidated / Provisional Certificate / Degree and Duplicate Certificates Controller of Examinations Certificate Section 044 – 24306665 certificatesectionhead@gmail.com
5 Dispatching of Study Materials Director i/c Material production & Distribution Division) 044 – 24350844 tnoumpdd1@gmail.com
6 Student’s Grievances Coordinator Student’s Grievances Redressal Cell 9345913384 grievancecell@tnou.ac.in

Mobile Numbers of TNOU Officers
S.No Designation of the Officer Mobile Number
1 The Director, Student Support Service Division, TNOU 9345913376
2 The Director, Material Production & Distribution Division, TNOU 9345913377
3 The Director, Admission, TNOU 9345913378
4 The Director, Centre for University Informatics, TNOU 9345913379
5 The Director i/c, Regional Centre, Villupuram 9345913380
6 The Coordinator, Students Grievance Redressal Cell 9345913384
7 The Public Relations Officer, TNOU 9345913381
8 The Assistant Controller of Examinations 9345913382
9 The Director i/c, Regional Centre, Chennai 9345913385
10 The Director i/c, Regional Centre, Coimbatore 9345913386
11 The Director i/c, Regional Centre, Dharmapuri 9345913387
12 The Director i/c, Regional Centre, Madurai 9345913388
13 The Director i/c, Regional Centre, Trichirappalli 9345913391
14 The Director i/c, Regional Centre, Tirunelveli 9345913392
15The Director i/c, Regional Centre, Mayiladuthurai 9345913393
16The Director i/c, Regional Centre, The Nilgiris 93459 13386
17The Director i/c, Regional Centre, Salem 93459 13373
18The Director i/c, Regional Centre, Sivagangai 93459 13375
19The Director i/c, Regional Centre, Tiruvannamalai 93459 13374
Tamil Nadu Open University Intercom Number List
S.No School/Division Phone No.
2Tapal Section24306613
3Chennai Regional Centre24306622
4Student Support Services Division (SSSD)24306625/27
5School Of Humanities (SOH)24306611
6School of Special Education and Rehabilitation (SOSER)24306617
7School of Continuing Education (SOCE)24306623
8School of Tamil and Cultural Studies (SOTCS)24306626
9FAX Vice Chancellor24356767
10School of Continuing Education (SOCE)24306631
11PA To VC24306634
12FAX Registrar Office24306640
13Administration Division24306643
14Registrar Office24306645
15D.R. Administration24306646
16Research Section24306658
17School of Science (SOS)24306641
18School of Computer Science (SOCS)24306642
19A.R. (Finance)24306650
20Finance Officer24306655
21Finance Division24306650/51/52
22FAX Students Registration and Evaluation Division24306660
23A.R. Exam24306660
24Examination Section24306661/62
25A.R Admission24306664
26Admission Section24306663
27Certificate Section24306665/667
28Controller of Examinations (COE)24306666
29Material Production and Distribution Division (MPDD)24350844
30School of Education (SOE)24306657
31School of Social Sciences (SOSS)24306654
32School of Management Studies (SOMS)24306656

Help Desk /Information Centre of TNOU

Help Desk of Tamil Nadu Open University has been functioning right from its inception with the aim of providing an integrative information service at the University level. A typical help desk of TNOU has been effectively performing several functions. It provides a single (or multiple) point of contact for learners and stakeholders of TNOU to gain assistance in troubleshooting, get answers to questions, and solve known problems and academic oriented grievances. The Information Centre in the first floor of administrative block of TNOU, Chennai helps the students and stakeholders obtain information from university Headquarters without delay. The activity of the Help Desk is aimed at stimulating and upgrading the level of communication among the stakeholders of Tamil Nadu Open University through dissemination of relevant academic information between learners and University its broader environment. Through these activities the Help Desk becomes an important integrative factor in the functioning of the TNOU and contributes to the strengthening of the role of the University in the learners Communities. It is also functioning from 8.00 a.m to 8.00 p.m in all working days with a view to facilitating the students and stakeholders of TNOU to resolve the academic issues.
Grievances form has been developed and utilised in the information centre/Help Desk of HQ. When the learners visit to the HQ in person, the staff of Information Centre will attend the learners and issue the grievance form in which the learner will notify their grievances. The staff would send filled grievances form to the respective schools and divisions depend upon the grievances for redressal, otherwise it would be resolved in the information with help of interface support/exam pro (online support) within a day.

Address :

Tamil Nadu Open University
First floor of administrative Building,
No 577, Anna Salai, Saidapet,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600015.