Foreign Language Lab

The Department of Higher Education, Government of Tamil Nadu sanctioned Rs. 15 Lakh vide G.O. G.O. (Ms) No.39/ 26.03.2012 to the Tamil Nadu Open University (TNOU), Chennai for establishing a Foreign Language Laboratory with a view to improving the language skills of the TNOU learners in English and other major Foreign Languages.

Accordingly, the University formulated the Foreign Language Laboratory within the School of Humanities. The Foreign Languages including Chinese, English, French and German are being taught through the Self –Interactive Language Learning Softwares, for which the University owns the licences of the Clarity English Success Software for English and the Euro Talk Software for other languages. Currently the Lab functions with 15 Systems (Learners) and 01 System (Instructor) and all the systems are installed with the above softwares. In addition, the softwares for the Personality Development and the Soft Skills are also made available in this language lab.

The language trainings are being provided to the students and research scholars of the TNOU on working days at free of cost. Further, Diploma in English Language Skills (DELS) Programme has a compulsory Practical Course based the trainings at the Foreign Language Lab.

At present, the training is provided in English and the facilitations for other languages shall be made available shortly.