About Us


The Tamil Nadu Open University (TNOU) has been offering B.Ed. programme through School of Education, since 2004 both in English and Tamil Medium having the intake of 1000 seats. The TNOU is proud of announcing that around 12,000 student-teachers have been produced through Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) programme and are working in Schools. Since 2004, the continuous recognition is being offered by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), a statutory body of the Central Government of India to the TNOU for conducting B.Ed. programme. As this B.Ed. programme is offered through distance mode, the in-service teachers working in schools having D.T.Ed qualification are alone admitted. This B.Ed. pogramme is conducted through Learner Support Centres (LSCs) which are of 10 Colleges of Education approved by the NCTE and the Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University distributed within the state of Tamilnadu.


To offer various teacher education programmes through distance education, fulfilling the higher education needs of all in-service teachers and teaching aspirants.


To impart teacher education programmes through intense training, vivid extension services and cutting edge researches by incorporating latest technologies and methods of teaching to produce qualitative teachers required for the present era.


This programme is meant to systematize and give a method and structure to student experiences. Specifically, this programme aims at enhancing the professional competencies and skills of the teachers working in elementary, secondary and higher secondary schools. Thus, it should lead student to develop

  • Competence to teach the subject(s) of the specialisation on the basis of the accepted principles of learning and teaching.
  • Skills, understanding, interests and attitudes which would enable student to foster all-round growth and development.
  • Skills in identifying, selecting, innovating and organizing learning experiences for teaching school subjects.
  • Understanding of psychological principles of growth and development, individual differences and cognitive, psychomotor and attitudinal learning.
  • Skills in guiding the students in order to enable them to solve their personal as well as academic problems.

Departments and programmes offered