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Question Papers 2020

  • UG
  • PG
  • PG Diploma
  • Vocational Diploma
  • Diploma
  • Certificate

S.No Programme Name Download
1 B.Sc(Apparel And Fashion Design) Download
2 B.A(Islamic Studies) Download
3 B.A(Social Work) Download
4 B.B.A Management Studies(Retail Management,Marketing Management,Computer Application) Download
5 B.com(Computer Applications) Download
6 B.A(Business Economics) Download
7 B.com(Bank Management) Download
8 B.Sc(Botany) Download
9 BCA Download
10 B.A(Criminology) Download
11 B.Sc(Chemistry) Download
12 B.Sc(Mathematics With Computer Application) Download
13 B.Com Download
14 B.Com(Corporate Secretaryship) Download
15 B.P.A(Drama And Theater Studies) Download
16 B.A(Economics) Download
17 B.Ed Download
18 B.A(English) Download
19 B.A(English And Communication) Download
20 B.Sc(Geography) Download
21 B.A(History) Download
22 B.A(History And Heritage Management) Download
23 B.A(Human Rights) Download
24 B.A(Tamil Literature) Download
25 B.Sc(Multimedia) Download
26 B.Sc(Mathematics) Download
27 B.A(Public Administration) Download
28 B.Sc(Physics) Download
29 B.A(Political Science) Download
30 B.Sc(Apparel And Fashion Design) Download
31 B.Sc(Computer Science) Download
32 B.A(Sociology) Download
33 B.A(Tamil) Download
34 B.A(Urudu) Download
35 B.Sc(Visual Communication) Download
36 B.Sc(Zoology) Download

S.No Programme Name Download
1 M.A(Development Administration) Download
2 M.Sc(Apparel And Fashion Design) Download
3 M.A(International Relations) Download
4 M.A(Islamic Studies) Download
5 M.A(Linguistics) Download
6 M.A(Social Work) Download
7 M.A(Tamil) Download
8 M.A(Anthropology) Download
9 M.Sc(Botony) Download
10 MCA Download
11 M.A(Criminology) Download
12 M.Sc(Chemistry) Download
13 M.A(Comparative Literature) Download
14 M.A(Commerce) Download
15 M.Sc(Counselling And Psychothrapy) Download
16 M.A(Economics) Download
17 M.A(English) Download
18 M.Sc(Geography) Download
19 M.A(Gender Studies) Download
20 M.A(History) Download
21 M.A(Human Rights) Download
22 M.Sc(Mathematics) Download
23 M.Sc(Physics) Download
24 M.A(Political Science) Download
25 M.Sc(Computer Science) Download
26 M.B.A(Hospital Administration) Download
27 M.A(Sociology) Download
28 M.B.A Download
29 M.Sc(Psychology) Download
30 M.A(Translation Studies) Download
31 M.A(Women Studies) Download
32 M.Sc(Zoology) Download
33 M.A(Tourism And Travel Studies) Download

S.No Programme Name Download
1 PG Diploma(Applied Mathematics) Download
2 PG Diploma(Computer Application) Download
3 PG Diploma(Child Rights And Child Protection) Download
4 PG Diploma(Guidance And Counselling) Download
5 PG Diploma(Gerontology) Download
6 PG Diploma(Human Rights) Download
7 PG Diploma(Indian Architecture And Iconography) Download
8 PG Diploma(Information Security) Download
9 PG Diploma(Mathematics) Download
10 PG Diploma(Public Relations) Download
11 PG Diploma(School Counselling) Download
12 PG Diploma(Spoken English) Download
13 PG Diploma(Software Quality Management) Download
14 PG Diploma(Social welfare Administration) Download
15 PG Diploma(Teacher And Educational Management) Download
16 PG Diploma(Tamil Research Methodology) Download

S.No Programme Name Download
1 Vocational Diploma in Automative Service Technician Download
2 Vocational Diploma in Acupressure Therapist Download
3 Vocational Diploma in Computer Applications Download
4 Vocational Diploma in Early Childhood Care And Education Download
5 Vocational Diploma in Fashion Boutique Designer Download
6 Vocational Diploma in Fashion Design And Garment Making Download
7 Vocational Diploma in Plumbing Download
8 Vocational Diploma in Mechanic(Electrical/Electronics/Instrumentation) Download
9 Vocational Diploma in TV Repair Technician Download
10 Vocational Diploma in Computer Hardware Servicing Download
11 Vocational Diploma in Animation Download
12 Vocational Diploma in Beautician Download
13 Vocational Diploma in Industrial Hygiene Download
14 Vocational Diploma in Multi-Cuisine Cook Download
15 Vocational Diploma in Smart Repair Technician Download
16 Vocational Diploma in Multimedia Systems Download
17 Vocational Diploma in Refrigeration & AC Technician Download
18 Vocational Diploma in DTP Operator Download
19 Vocational Diploma in Welding Technology Download
20 Vocational Diploma in Fire Safety Download
21 Vocational Diploma in General Duty Assistant Download

S.No Programme Name Download
1 Diploma in Applied Acupuncture Download
2 Diploma in Catering Assistant Download
3 Diploma in Computer Application Download
4 Diploma in Cloud Computing Download
5 Diploma in Computer Hardware Servicing Download
6 Diploma in Data Bases Download
7 Diploma in Data Science and Big Data Analytics Download
8 Diploma in DTP Operator Download
9 Diploma in Early Childhood Care And Education Download
10 Diploma in English Language Skills Download
11 Diploma in Fashion Design And Garment Making Download
12 Diploma in Four Wheeler Mechanism Download
13 Diploma in Health Assistant Download
14 Diploma in House Electrician Download
15 Diploma in Home Appliances Repair and Servicing Download
16 Diploma in Animation Download
17 Diploma in Archaeology and Epigraphy Download
18 Diploma in Museology And Conservation Download
19 Diploma in Health And Hygiene Download
20 Diploma in Wildlife Tourism Download
21 Diploma in Media Art Download
22 Diploma in Mobile Phone Servicing Download
23 Diploma in Multimedia Systems Download
24 Diploma in Plumbing Technician Download
25 Diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician Download
26 Diploma in Retail Management Download

S.No Programme Name Download
1 Certificate in Liner Shipping and Freight Forwarding Download
2 Certificate in Community Radio Transmission Download
3 Certificate in Dance Drama Download
4 Certificate in Human Rights Download
5 Certificate in NGO Management Download
6 Certificate in Communicative Skills Download

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