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Online Learning is fast and easy way of teaching and learning through network technologies. Online education has become a viable alternative to pursue education in present scenario. The trends show that online education has gained huge popularity in last few years due to the ease of access. The current work forces expected to be highly knowledgeable and skilled. It also expects that the learning process should take place continuously and acquire new skills by engaging in lifelong learning. The online learning has undergone many changes and the growth and development is tremendous in the short duration of time. Technology enhancement has made the online learning simpler and provides more choice to the users. The best thing about online learning programmes is effective learning, quality of education, flexibility and variety & diversity.

The basic objective of online learning is to take the best teaching learning resources to all, including the most disadvantaged. The latest notification of UGC reiterates that the Courses cleared through online in the UGC recognized institutions/organisations permitted for credit transfer for other relevant courses in other higher academic programmes. Appraising the benefit of the online education, the Department of Higher Education, Government of Tamil Nadu has initiated and Hon’ble Minister for Higher Education announced in the floor of Legislative Assembly pertaining to the launching online learning programmes under the Tamil Nadu Open university to bridge the digital divide for learners who have until now remained unreached by the digital revolution and have not been able to join the mainstream of the knowledge economy.


  • To design, develop and deliver the high quality, accessible and receptive academic programmes to the potential learners.
  • To provide innovative, affordable, flexible, quality and diversified academic programs for enhancing the learners competency.
  • To provide learners the support and resources they need to succeed as participants in online learning.
  • To establish online platform encouraging effective communication between the resource person and learners.
  • To Improve user-accessibility and time flexibility to engage learners in the learning process.
  • To develop eLearning materials in all subject domains for enable the learners to access the materials irrespective of their Social, Economical and Culture status.
  • To collaborate with institutions/business organisation to offer need based short term programmes for upgrading the knowledge and skills in their professional area.


The following are the important functions of the centre:

  • The Centre constantly strives for enhancing the quality of online teaching and learning resources.
  • Unleash the efforts to meet the learning style or needs of learners.
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the system for reaching unreached learners.
  • Identification of need based academic programmes and deciding upon the level of the programme.
  • Planning and designing the structure of the academic programmes according to the norms stipulated in the UGC’s ODL regulations.
  • Sourcing the subject expert/resource persons with the help of the course coordinator of the respective subject discipline.
  • Developing the e-course content with the help of subject expert/resource persons under the guidance of course coordinator of the respective programme.
  • Providing e-course content along with subject expert/resource persons’ list to the Electronic Media Production and Research Centre (EMPRC) to undertake the production (capturing, editing, supplementing and fine tuning) of online course/ programme and related activities for the identified programmes after obtaining appropriate approval from the Authorities of the University.
  • After receiving the entire programme content in E-format from the EMPRC, the Centre shall request the Admission Division to include the programme in the list of programme on offer for admission.
  • The Centre undertakes the entire operations of four quadrant of academic online course/programme at different level from delivery to assessment of learners.
  • Organising need based seminar/workshop/training for updating the competencies of the faculty members/subject experts/resource persons associated with online learning.

Members :

Dr. K. S. Ramakrishnan, Director i/c
Dr.P.Chitra, Assistant Director
Mr.Munusami, Assistant Registrar
Mr.Babu, Superintendent

Contact Details :

  • Name of the Contact Person : Dr. K. S. Ramakrishnan
  • Designation : Associate Professor and Director
  • Address for Communication : Centre for Online Learning, Administrative Block, Tamil Nadu Open University, Chennai 15
  • Mobile No. : 8248025564
  • Contact No. : 044 24306600
  • E-mail ID : drksrk@gmail.com

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