Student Registration & Evaluation Division

  • To ensure running of existing academic Programmes as per the University calendar through student registration.
  • To ensure monitoring of proposals for launching new Programmes by coordinating through various sections of the University.
  • To ensure the conduct of term-end examinations as per the schedule, coordinate all the activities pertaining to continuous evaluation through assignment evaluation.
  • To ensure certification of the successful students’ performance through arranging award of Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates.
  • The examinations are conducted on annual basis after completion of one year duration for UG and PG Programmes.
  • The examination applications will be dispatched to the students in the month of April and October every year.
  • The students are required to remit their examination fees in order to register their names for the particular examination.
  • The examination is scheduled to commence in the month of June and December for Academic and Calendar year students consecutively.
The examination fee details are as follows: About BPP

Those students who are admitted under non +2 admitted into a degree programme in TNOU have to necessarily complete the Bachelor of Preparatory Programme in order to make them eligible for the degree programme. The BPP Examinations will be conducted before commencement of annual/Semester examination. The Bachelor of Preparatory Programme (BPP) can be completed concurrently.

Evaluation system

The system of evaluation in TNOU is both continuous internal assessment through submission of assignments for each course by the students concerned and Term-End Examination (TEE). The Practical Examination is also imparted wherever it is found necessary. The TNOU adopts both grading system and numeric system of awarding grades/marks. The overall marks for each course consists of 100 which is distributed into 25:75 between Internal Assignment and Term-End Examination respectively for all UO and PO Programme.

Assigning of Credits

A course is assigned with certain number of credits depending upon its nature and level of the study. It is indicated in the respective syllabus of the programme.

Assistant Controller of Examinations-I

Dr. D . Thirumalraja

Assistant Controller of Examinations-II

Dr. D . Sumathi

Office of the Controller of Examinations

1 Mr. K. Palani Private Secretary
2 Mr. A. Sakthivel Record Clerk

Exam Section SRE-1

1 Mr. J. Gunasekaran Programmer
2 Mr. K. Ezhilan Assistant
3 Tmt. B. Dhanalakshmi Assistant
4 Mrs. R. Senthamarai Assistant
5 Mr. P. Sivakumar Junior Assistant

Certificate Section SRE-2

1 Mrs.K Meenakshi Assistant Registrar
2. Mrs.K.Uma maheswari Data Entry Operator
3. Mrs.A.Manjula Office Assistant


1 Mrs. G. Malarvizhi Assistant Programmer
2. Mrs. S. Rojaramani  Assistant
3. Mrs. G. Muneeswari Sarada Assistant

Admission Section

Dr.R.Arumugam Asst.Professor, SOPPA

Director i/c, Admission


  Staff Members
1 Tmt. G. Devaki Assistant Registrar
2 Tmt. K. S. Vijayaveni Assistant Programmer
3 Tmt. A. Bhavani Assistant (SG)
4 Thiru. R. Karthikeyan Record Clerk