Material Production and Distribution Division

The Material Production and Distribution is one of the most important subsystems of the Open Distance learning (ODL) System. Material Production & Distribution Division (MP&DD) handles the production and distribution of self-instructional material (SIM) for programmes of the Tamil Nadu Open University. It is responsible for timely printing and dispatch of study material to the learners through the postal system. It is responsible for the activity of synchronisation of production of materials, printing the required number of materials, storing and inventory control of those materials.

The primary focus of MPDD is to issue the Study Materials to the Students in time without much delay who have enrolled in TNOU.  MPDD has issued the Study Materials to the Students has become so ease to directly and choice of the students for the study materials are dispatched through postal (or) courier.

Special initiatives for the Development of the University:

Vision and Mission of the University is to reach the masses and the Students Community at the remote area by delivering quality services at economical and cheaper cost so as to enable the poor to educate themselves to raise their standard of living. To make accessible and downloadable, the Self Learning Materials (SLM’s) are being issued to students in the form of e-SLMs to their e-mail addresses and also have been uploaded in TNOU – portal for ready reference.  Implementation of end-to-end encrypted IT solution will result in the reduction of printing cost, as well as cut down the postal charges, thus avoiding delay in dispatch of SLMs,incomparable quality in delivery system with other conventional universities by means of providing unique ID and username for enrolled students, exclusively created a student portal in TNOU Website.


Mr. R. Vasudevan
Deputy Registrar
Mobile No.: +91 9345913377
Phone No.:  044 24350844

Staff Members
1 Thiru. R. Vasudevan Deputy Registrar
2 Thiru. M. Kanniappan Superintendent
3 Tmt. K. Jayamala Assistant
4 Tmt. R. Nirmala Assistant
5 Tmt. S. Sugasini Assistant
6 Thiru. R. Perumal Junior Assistant
7 Tmt. A.Manjula Office Assistant