Coat of Arms

The emblem consists of a round crest with a ribbon. In the centre of the crest, the earth is placed on an open book and an earthen lamp is placed on the earth. The left side of the crest has a monitor and the right side of the crest has a telecommunications tower.

The open book depicts knowledge; the earth represents prosperity; earthen lamp describes eternal life; monitor denotes online learning; and the telecommunications tower depicts distance education and mass media communication.  Around the four directions of the earth, four domains are located which represents the four pillars of education i.e. education to know, education to do, education to live together and education to be.

On the whole, the emblem of Tamil Nadu Open University represents that through open and distance education the life of people will prosper and they will gain wisdom for eternal life.

Around the shield, the name of the University is imprinted in both Tamil and English in a circle. In the ribbon, the motto of the university ‘எல்லோருக்கும் எப்போதும் கல்வி’ is imprinted in Tamil, which means ‘Education for Anyone at Anytime’.